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Hawarden Estate Park Permit

Hawarden Estate operates a permit system to enable local residents to enjoy walking on permitted routes within the Estate’s private park land.

Permits are only available to residents of the Hawarden area. Please check this plan to assess your eligibility – permits are only issued to those who reside within the area bounded by the pink line. Please note, proof of address is required.

You can download a copy of the permit application form here – Permit Application.

Please read the form carefully, sign and return it, together with proof of address and a stamped addressed envelope, to The Estate Office, Glynne Way, Hawarden, Flintshire CH5 3NX.

Permit holders are required to keep the routes and abide by the rules outlined on the permit.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to close part or all of the routes. Notice of such closure will be given as early as possible.

The following Notice, which is displayed on the Village Gate, applies to all the areas covered by the permits as well as to the part of the park freely open to the public and to the Old Castle and its surroundings when they are open:

These grounds are private, and the privilege of entry may be revoked at any time.  The exercise of this privilege in no way creates or establishes any right to enter the said lands nor vests any legal entitlement in any such person or persons or otherwise.  All persons are warned that animals may from time to time be grazing on these lands and that such animals have access to tracks and footways, and all persons will enter the lands at their own risk.  The owner and/or occupier shall in no way be responsible whether in damages or otherwise for any loss, injury or damage suffered by any person or persons or by any property belonging to him, her or them.


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